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New program helps Iowa businesses identify opportunities for energy savings

DES MOINES, Iowa – (Nov. 13, 2014) – MidAmerican Energy Company has introduced a new program designed to help commercial businesses of all sizes in the state save money on their energy bills.

MidAmerican Energy’s new Commercial Energy Solutions program provides businesses with free energy assessments and building optimization services tailored to their building size and individual needs. The program promotes comprehensive energy efficiency by identifying areas of potential savings and offering rebates, incentives and, in some cases, direct installation of energy-saving devices at no cost to the business.

“We offer this program to help eliminate the barriers and minimize the time required by a business owner to determine exactly where and how their facility can save energy,” said Tina Yoder, energy efficiency manager for MidAmerican Energy. “An energy assessment or building optimization service quickly pinpoints efficiency opportunities and gives business owners the information they need to make sound energy- and money-saving improvements.”

The program is open to commercial customers of MidAmerican Energy with facilities located in in the company’s Iowa service area. Program representatives will consult with customers and help them determine which aspects of the program are best suited to the needs of their facility and their business. Commercial Energy Solutions offerings include:
  • Free energy assessments. Energy efficiency experts will conduct a walk-through of the facility and review its operating equipment and systems, including factors such as lighting, heating and cooling, insulation levels, water heating and appliances. Following the assessment, the customer receives an itemized report that serves as the basis for a prioritized action plan for energy savings. Small businesses may receive direct installation of energy-saving devices such as CFL light bulbs and faucet aerators; large businesses may be matched with a dedicated energy advisor who will provide ongoing program support.

  • Building optimization services. These services identify and address issues that may be costing businesses thousands of dollars a year in unnecessary operating costs. Express Building Tune-Up for smaller facilities (typically under 100,000 square feet) looks for easy-to-fix items that will enhance building performance and reduce energy consumption – projects such as scheduling programmable thermostats, for instance. Retrocommissioning, for larger and more complex commercial facilities, involves intensive strategies to optimize systems and train operators to achieve peak energy performance. With both services, MidAmerican Energy provides financial incentives to fund a portion of the cost of the survey or study, as well as additional incentives earned through energy savings from implemented projects.

Yoder of MidAmerican Energy said businesses that have never been through the energy assessment process have the potential to realize significant savings. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates up to 30 percent of the energy consumed by the average commercial building goes to waste. “The goal of the Commercial Energy Solutions program is to identify those areas of waste and provide business owners and managers with expert advice to make their facilities more productive and energy efficient,” Yoder said.

To find out if they qualify for free energy assessments and building optimization services through the Commercial Energy Solutions program, MidAmerican Energy commercial customers are asked to call 800-292-6448 or email

MidAmerican Energy Company provides electric service to 739,000 customers and natural gas service to 719,000 customers in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and South Dakota. It is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. Information about MidAmerican Energy is available on the company’s website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages, which can be accessed via