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MidAmerican Energy Offers Safety Tips for Severe Storms

DES MOINES, Iowa – (May 29, 2014) – With the spring storm season in full swing, MidAmerican Energy Company reminds customers the best way to stay safe during and after a storm is to be aware.

  • Pay attention to storm watches and warnings. A watch means a storm is possible in or near your area; however, a warning means a severe storm has been spotted or indicated by radar.

  • If your home or business loses power, check your fuses or circuit breakers first, then call MidAmerican Energy at 800-799-4443 or visit our Storm Center on our website to report the outage. Never assume a neighbor will report the outage.

  • Use flashlights and lanterns during a power outage; avoid using candles.

  • Never use a grill or portable generator intended for outdoor use inside your home. These devices can emit deadly carbon monoxide.

  • After the storm, be cautious of your outdoor surroundings. Downed power lines may be hidden by debris or just outside your door.

  • Do not touch downed power lines. Assume they are energized and call MidAmerican Energy immediately at 800-799-4443 after you move a safe distance away. Fallen power lines can hurt or kill you, even if they do not spark, hum or dance. Stay away from anything that is touching the power line, including tree limbs, fences or vehicles. Do not touch someone who is being shocked by a fallen power line – you could be killed.

  • If you are inside your vehicle when a power line falls on it, stay inside the vehicle and do not touch metal parts of the vehicle, like radio knobs, ashtrays or door handles. If people approach to help, warn them to stay far away. Ask them to phone 911 and MidAmerican Energy at 800-799-4443 for help. Do not get out until utility crews arrive and make it safe to exit.

  • If you must exit the vehicle, shuffle or jump, keeping your feet together at all times. This will prevent electricity from flowing through one leg to the other, which could shock or kill you.

  • Visit the Storm Center on MidAmerican Energy’s website for more information, including what causes an outage and tips for preparing a safety kit. When severe weather strikes, safety tips and outage updates also are posted on the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages, which can be accessed through MidAmerican Energy’s website.

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