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Energy Efficiency Plan Projected to Save Electric Consumption of 146,000 Homes

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DES MOINES, Iowa – (Dec. 16, 2013) – Today, the Iowa Utilities Board issued its order approving MidAmerican Energy Company’s five-year energy efficiency plan and budget for both natural gas and electric customers in Iowa. The approved plan is a continuation of the comprehensive approaches that have been most successful in MidAmerican Energy’s previous plans and includes several new program offerings.

The new plan will begin Jan. 1, 2014 and run through 2018. More than $500 million will be invested in energy efficiency efforts over the next five years, an increase over the previous plan period of more than $100 million. The money is used to promote energy efficiency through outreach and education, technical assistance, and customer rebates with a goal to significantly reduce energy usage over the plan period. The programs help customers to lower their monthly bills and help the environment.

If the five-year energy efficiency plan goals are achieved, MidAmerican Energy customers collectively should save approximately 1.2 billion Kwh of electricity, which is the equivalent of the annual electric consumption of more than 146,000 homes. The cumulative natural gas savings goal is approximately 36 million therms, which is the equivalent of annual natural gas consumption of nearly 51,000 homes.

“MidAmerican Energy thanks the Board for its continued support of our efforts surrounding energy efficiency,” said Diane Munns, vice president of regulatory relations and energy efficiency, MidAmerican Energy. “Iowa has been at the forefront providing energy efficiency programs since the 1990s. These programs give us the ability to assist customers in managing their monthly bills.”

The new plan will provide a variety of programs and services available for all customers to help find ways to reduce energy use in their homes and businesses. Some of the new programs include a residential heating and cooling tune-up, the addition of LED bulbs, commercial building optimization services, ongoing commercial building performance services for previous new construction participants, and additional project assistance for industrial customers. Other popular programs, such as the free HomeCheck and the residential and nonresidental equipment programs, will continue.

More than 80 percent of the budget will be returned to customers in the form of rebates and technical assistance to incentivize the purchase and installation of energy efficient equipment. The remaining funds are used to generate awareness for energy efficiency programs through outreach and education in addition to the annual tree-planting programs.

“All customers benefit from energy efficiency programs, even if they do not participate,” said Munns. “The programs lower demand for electricity and natural gas. By helping customers reduce their demand for energy, the need to build new infrastructure to meet growing energy demands decreases and in turn, keeps utility rates down for all customers.”

Customers can find more information about MidAmerican Energy’s energy efficiency program offerings at

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