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For Residential Customers in Illinois

Every appliance comes with two price tags: what you pay to purchase it and what you pay to operate and maintain it. ENERGY STAR® certified appliances incorporate advanced technologies that use up to 50 percent less energy than standard appliances. While an ENERGY STAR certified appliance’s upfront cost is higher, MidAmerican Energy’s rebate will offset much of the extra cost. ENERGY STAR certified appliances save energy and money, and help reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants at the source.


  • Participants must be residential customers located in MidAmerican Energy Company’s Illinois service territory.
  • MidAmerican Energy Company must deliver the primary electricity or natural gas to the equipment for which the rebate is being paid.
  • Appliance(s) purchased must be ENERGY STAR certified.

Rebate requirements and how to apply

Refer to the appliances rebate application for all rebate requirements.

Professionally installed equipment and materials: Have your dealer send a completed rebate application and itemized invoices for materials and labor to MidAmerican Energy by March 31, 2017.

Self-installed equipment and materials: Complete the appropriate rebate application and a copy of the itemized, dated receipt and send to MidAmerican Energy by March 31, 2017.