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An on-site building assessment is required prior to beginning an insulation project in order to qualify for an insulation rebate. Any improvements made prior to the assessment are ineligible for rebates.
The beginning R-value and building square footage determined in the building assessment will be used for the rebate calculation. To schedule an assessment, contact a representative before the project is started.
Agribusiness and Multifamily Housing – 877-401-4059
Commercial Energy Solutions – 800-292-6448
Industrial Partners – 800-432-8583
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  • An on-site building assessment is required prior to beginning an insulation project in order to qualify for an insulation rebate.
  • Program is for adding insulation to existing buildings only.
  • Heating energy for the building must be purchased directly from MidAmerican Energy Company. If MidAmerican Energy provides only cooling energy, rebates are not available.
  • The rebate amounts listed are based on heated and cooled space. Rebates for areas not cooled will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Rebate will be paid based on the following fuel(s) provided by MidAmerican Energy:
    • Heating and cooling, 100%
    • Heating only (nonresidential building), 70%
    • Heating only (multifamily building), 65%
    • Cooling only, ineligible for rebate.
  • Rebates will not be paid directly to insulation contractors.
  • All conventional insulation materials are eligible for rebates. No additional rebate is given for more expensive alternative insulation materials such as spray foam.
Attic/Roof/Ceiling Insulation
  • Must have less than R-30 existing insulation to participate.
  • Present insulation R-value must be brought up to the current Illinois Energy Code to qualify for a rebate. No rebates for attic/roof/ceiling insulation above Illinois Energy Code.
  • Insulation added directly on top of suspended ceilings does not qualify.
  • Radiant barriers are not eligible.
  • Insulation is to be installed evenly and consistently throughout the attic and to not extend beyond the eaves.
  • Damming material should be added to prevent insulation from restricting attic ventilation from soffit vents and to keep insulation from heat sources such as flues, lighting, etc.
Sidewall Insulation
  • There must be no existing insulation installed to participate.
  • There are no rebates for sidewall insulation above Illinois Energy Code.
How to Apply for Rebates
After the assessment is complete and insulation is installed, submit the building assessment details and rebate application forms along with the contractor’s invoice to the appropriate program contact listed on the application.
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