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Motors & Variable-Speed Drives

For Business Customers in Iowa

Take advantage of MidAmerican Energy’s rebate incentives for high-efficiency motors and variable-speed drives to help commercial, industrial and agriculture businesses with energy and bill savings.

If your system doesn’t always run at the same speed, neither should your motors, and adding flexibility to your production process can make a big difference in operational efficiency.

A variable-speed drive connected to your electric motor regulates the motor speed and torque of the motor-driven equipment to the process requirement, resulting in reduced energy consumption. Rebates are available for variable-speed drives installed on fans, pumps and blowers. Variable-speed drives that are integral to the equipment are not eligible for rebates separate from the equipment rebate.

Motor and variable-speed drive benefits

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Improved plant efficiency and load factor
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Additional variable-speed drive benefits

  • Ensured precise control of process flow and pressure
  • Bypass capability when required

Rebates for motors and VSDs cannot exceed 70 percent of the installed cost (materials and reasonable labor). You will receive the lesser of the rebate amount or 70 percent of installed cost.

View our motors table. View our variable-speed drives table.

Important note before purchasing or installing a VSD

Modern variable-speed drives contain integrated protective circuitry that can shut down the drive when it senses the input voltage is too low or too high, loss of a phase (e.g., unbalance) or the motor is overloaded. The typical input voltage tolerance is +/- 10 percent, but some manufacturers offer drives with wider input voltage ranges. Some variable-speed drive applications may require an Inverter Duty-rated motor, particularly if the motor will operate at very low speeds; a motor’s internal cooling fan is less effective at low speeds. Work with your vendor to purchase a drive that is compatible with the power quality and motors in your facility.


  • You must be a commercial or industrial business customer with facilities located in MidAmerican Energy Company’s Iowa service territory.
  • MidAmerican Energy Company must provide the primary electricity and/or natural gas to the equipment at the facility for which the rebate is being paid.

Motors Only

  • Equipment installed as a replacement unit, retrofit or in new construction is eligible.
  • Rebates are available for Enhanced Ultra-Premium efficiency, 1 to 200 horsepower, three-phase general purpose motors. Enhanced Ultra-Premium efficiency motors are at least 1 NEMA efficiency band above EISA 2007.
  • Rebates for fractional horsepower motors are not available.
  • Motors for spare inventory are eligible for rebates.
  • Minimum 3,000 annual operating hours are required.

VSDs Only

  • For use with fans, pumps and blowers only.
  • Minimum of 3,000 annual operating hours.
  • Must be for new installations or failed variable-speed drives with bypass capability only. Replacing a variable-speed drive prior to failure with a new variable-speed drive is ineligible for rebates.
  • Must control a system or process with a variable load such as fans, pumps or blowers.
  • Process must be automatically controlled; manual controls do not qualify.
  • Single-phase variable-speed drives do not qualify.
  • Installations where applicable code requires a variable-speed drive do not qualify.
  • Mechanical-type drives or gear boxes, Eddy Current drives and magnetic coupling drives do not qualify.
  • Variable-speed drives installed for soft starting do not qualify.
  • Variable-speed drives that are purchased for spare inventory are ineligible for rebates.

How to apply for rebates

Complete the motors or variable-speed drives application in full and return it to MidAmerican Energy along with product specifications, dated invoices and installation date(s). Include a motor or variable-speed drive manufacturer’s specification sheet with efficiency ratings.

Once equipment is installed and operating (or if motors only are purchased for spare inventory), and your application is reviewed and approved by MidAmerican Energy, your incentive check will be issued. Allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

For additional resources regarding motor systems management, visit See for a full MDM product list. For detailed motor efficiency information, visit For pumping system improvements, visit

Nonresidential Equipment Custom Systems

Technology is always changing with new and innovative high-efficiency products. MidAmerican Energy encourages these innovations if specific equipment you intend to purchase and install is not listed, it may qualify under Nonresidential Equipment Custom Systems.


  • All custom systems must have a less-efficient alternative available for baseline comparison purposes.
  • Preapproval is required prior to purchase or installation. Projects must be completed within 12 months of preapproval. Complete this preapproval form.
  • Eligibility is based on the qualifying equipment or system’s energy savings, peak demand savings, usage profile and incremental cost.
  • Equipment must be new.


View the Custom Project Calculation and Industrial Partners bonus incentive calculation.

Did you receive preapproval and need a self-verification form? Download Custom Systems Rebate Self-Verification Form.