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For Business Customers in Iowa

As a business owner, you look for investments with an attractive rate of return. Energy-efficient lighting is just such an investment. As much as 40 percent of your electric bill may be just keeping the lights on.


  • You must be a commercial or industrial business customer with facilities located in MidAmerican Energy Company’s Iowa service territory.
  • MidAmerican Energy Company must provide the primary electricity to the equipment at the facility for which the rebate is being paid.

Rebate requirements and how to apply

Refer to the lighting rebate application for all rebate requirements. To apply, complete the application in full and return it to MidAmerican Energy along with the product specifications, itemized invoices for materials and labor, and installation date. Call 800-894-9599 with questions.

For additional information, visit:

Nonresidential Equipment Custom Systems

If specific equipment you intend to purchase and install is not listed, it may qualify under Nonresidential Equipment Custom Systems; however, custom projects must be preapproved by MidAmerican Energy prior to purchase and installation of equipment or systems.

Small Business Direct Install Lighting Program

For businesses that meet the following requirements, you are eligible to receive rebates through the Small Business Direct Install Lighting Program. You must utilize a qualified lighting service provider for the upgrade

  • Have an annual electric usage of 500,000 kWh or less
  • Occupy less than 50,000 square feet