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HomeCheck® Online


Save money and energy and add comfort to your home with a free online HomeCheck energy assessment from MidAmerican Energy.

The online assessment offers personalized energy use information that can be customized based on your home and lifestyle.

Access the HomeCheck online home energy assessment and log into your MidAmerican Energy account to begin. If you don't have an online account, setup an online account to begin.

  • Choose Your Energy Use to see an overview of your energy use by month and to see how much energy your home uses compared to other homes in your area that have similar features, such as square footage or number of occupants.
  • The online assessment also offers energy saving recommendations and tips that range from no-cost to major investment and provides estimated energy savings based on those tips.
  • To further customize your experience, choose Ways to Save and complete the short home survey. Once completed, you will see what uses the most energy in your home.

Information on how to navigate the online energy assessment is available.