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Charge up at work! 
Did you know the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is growing rapidly and industry experts expect that by 2050, nearly 60% of all new vehicle sales will be EVs? These new EV owners could be your employees. 

As the battery technology improves to allow for longer travel range – now 150 miles or more for most EVs made in 2019 or later – and lower cost vehicle models are introduced, the only thing left to put in place is an expanded charging network. 

This is why MidAmerican Energy is offering a $1,500 rebate toward the purchase of a qualifying Level 2 charger for businesses in Iowa. Installing Level 2 chargers offer Iowa businesses a way to provide a key benefit to employees, attract customers or even expand your EV commercial fleet. 

MidAmerican Energy has also announced a first-of-its-kind DC fast-charging network across Iowa. Businesses interested in hosting a charging station should contact electricvehicles@midamerican.com.
Electric commercial fleets 
While individual owners may prolong the purchase of an EV until prices lower further, commercial fleet managers for businesses and local governments understand how to evaluate the complete ownership costs of a vehicle. Due to their low fuel (low cost of electricity) and less complicated motors, fleet owners understand they can justify a higher upfront cost to purchase their fleet of EVs.  
Please contact us at 888-427-5632 prior to installing a charging station at your home or business. 
For questions regarding offered rebates, please email: EVincentives@midamerican.com. For additional information about EVs or charging infrastructure, email: electricvehicles@midamerican.com.
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