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Economic Advantage

Local and Community Partners

Commitment to Communities

A Helping Hand

A wide variety of state programs aimed at providing businesses the financial assistance they need to get started are available in our service territory. We can confidentially help you find out what is available in any of the states we serve.

  • Give us a call and one of our EconomicAdvantage experts can serve as your single point of contact to coordinate the process with state and local programs.

Association Membership

MidAmerican Energy is also a member of the Professional Developers of Iowa (PDI), a group dedicated to spreading the good word about Iowa and its favorable business environment. As an association, PDI provides professional training that helps its members do a better job for their community. PDI offers an atmosphere of support and an instant network of seasoned experts where local professionals can seek advice and support.

Volunteer and Outreach Initiatives

MidAmerican Energy works to provide more than just electricity and natural gas to the communities we serve. They’re the same towns and neighborhoods we live, work and play in – and through volunteer work and outreach programs, we're committed to helping make them the best they can be. To facilitate those efforts, we’re proud to offer our Community Contacts. These are individuals employed by MidAmerican Energy who volunteer to serve as a liaison between their communities and our company, providing visibility and fluid connectivity. They work to create partnerships, assist with local programs and support with the community through programs and events.

Available Programs

  1. Iowa Economic Development Authority
  2. South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development
  3. Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity
  4. Nebraska Department of Economic Development