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Economic Advantage

Local and Community Partners

BEST of Iowa

Business Expansion and Strategic Trends (BEST of Iowa)

At the cornerstone of each community are the established businesses that provide the jobs and tax revenues that safeguard local economic stability. MidAmerican Energy’s Synchronist Business Information System provides local development groups an efficient way to conduct annual business retention call programs, identify expansion opportunities and keep their businesses viable. Companies in need of financial relief also can find valuable incentives, infrastructure and opportunities for financial relief.

Partnerships with top Iowa companies, industry associations, educational institutions and economic development organizations allow BEST of Iowa to use a collaborative approach to compiling, analyzing and reporting valuable economic data.

The first national model of its kind, BEST is a revolutionary approach to helping local businesses anticipate changes, explore solutions and discover economic opportunities statewide.

Learn More About BEST of Iowa

View the BEST of Iowa Annual Report Infographic

BEST of Iowa

Using existing business data, BEST works to initiate substantive change on a state level by:

  • Identifying growth opportunities that support industry
  • Predicting companies at risk of downsizing or closing
  • Forecasting economic investment
  • Connecting businesses with local and state resources