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Scammers use sophisticated techniques and are finding new and more convincing ways to target MidAmerican Energy customers. But by following a few Dos and Don’ts, you can outsmart any scammer. 
Hang up
If you feel threatened or are suspicious about a call – hang up. You can always call us back at our 24/7 service line at 888-427-5632 to check if the call was real. Business customers can call our Business Advantage line at 800-329-6261.

Log in
Check your My Account to view your bill and see if you owe a balance. Scammers make up fake balances. You can create a My Account in minutes using the account number from your latest MidAmerican Energy bill.

Ask for ID
All MidAmerican Energy employees will have an employee badge they’ll display if you ask. You can call to verify that an employee is scheduled to be at your property at 888-427-5632.

Warn a friend
Small businesses, the elderly and those who speak English as a second language, are targeted more frequently by scammers. If someone you care about falls into one of these groups, share this information with them and report suspected scams using our online form.
Learn more about how to spot a scam and what to do if you think you've been the target of one in this Energy Source video
Ignore your bills
Don’t get blindsided by a well-timed scam because you don’t know your balance! MidAmerican Energy will send you a notice of disconnection through the mail prior to disconnection. We always attempt to contact you by phone to talk about payment options when you have a past due bill. You can also sign up for past due bill email and text alerts so you know when your bill is past due.

Pay a certain way
We’ll never tell you to use a specific type of payment method such as a wire transfer, prepaid debit card or Netspend® card to pay us. MidAmerican Energy accepts many forms of payment and we always let you choose how you pay. If a caller asks you to pay with a certain type of card, hang up and report the scam.

Keep silent
Please report utility scams to us online or by calling 888-427-5632. Let us know if you’ve been contacted by a scammer so we can report it and warn others. If you’ve paid a scammer, call MidAmerican Energy, local law enforcement and your bank to file a report.

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