U.S. Tax Information for Foreign Vendors – Foreign Vendor Documentation Required

All new foreign vendors receiving payment(s) subject to this policy in a calendar year must have an IRS Form W-8 or 8233 on file with MidAmerican Energy Company.

Existing foreign vendors also are required to complete a W-8 or 8233 if not already on file. In addition, a retroactive statement for the time period in which our companies have done business is required to confirm that the information prior to the date on the W-8 or 8233 is correct.

W-8s and 8233s must be originals. No facsimiles will be accepted.

MidAmerican Energy may consider you to be a foreign vendor based on a foreign address in our files. If you are actually a U.S. business entity, citizen or resident, please complete and submit Form W-9.

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