Storm Center

Storm Center

Restoring Power

MidAmerican Energy's Electric Outage Restoration Procedures

When the power goes out, every minute counts for our crews who work around the clock to restore power quickly and safely. Severe weather is the usual culprit, no matter the season.

We have an electric outage management system that is monitored 24/7. It performs most effectively when every affected customer calls to report a power outage. The more calls we receive, the quicker we are able to diagnose the cause of an outage. The system also tracks large storms, which helps to predict how many crews and what resources may be needed to respond.

Once an outage has been reported, we respond immediately. During severe weather causing widespread damage, you may see our vehicles driving through your area, then driving away. Your outage is not being ignored. Rather, our personnel are making initial assessments of the damage, which may include:

  • Broken poles
  • Damaged transmission towers, poles and lines
  • Damaged substations and locked-out circuits
  • Fallen feeder and distribution lines
  • Trees and branches on lines
  • Neighborhoods sustaining the most damage
  • Number of customers affected

The following guidelines are used to prioritize outage restoration:

  • The ability to restore service to as many customers as possible through switching and repair of transmission lines. Transmission line repair restores power to a large number of customers.
  • Public health and safety issues, for example, hospitals, emergency facilities and municipal flood pumps.
  • Outage area size or magnitude.