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Meters/Pressure Regulators

It’s important to keep electric and natural gas meters and pressure regulators free of snow and ice and be wary of overhanging ice from the edge of the roof. Accumulations of snow and ice on or against meters and gas regulators may damage the equipment.

As snow and ice melt off a roof’s edge, overhanging icicles can form, which may break and fall and strike the gas meter.

A few precautions can help keep your home or business’ gas supply operating safely and uninterrupted:

  • Avoid plowing or piling snow against meters and gas regulators.
  • Use a broom rather than a shovel to clear snow from meters and gas regulators.
  • If a meter or regulator becomes encased in ice, do not try to melt or chip the ice. Call MidAmerican Energy at 888-427-5632 for service.
  • In a safe manner from the ground, carefully remove snow and icicles from the section of roof or gutter that overhangs a meter. Water dripping on meters and gas regulators can freeze and cover the equipment with ice.
  • If you must use a ladder, make certain that the base is securely anchored. Ask another adult to hold the ladder while you climb and descend.
  • Know where snow and icicles cleared from a roof are going to fall prior to clearing the area.
  • Make certain not to contact electrical wires.