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Budget Billing

What is MidAmerican Energy Company’s Budget Billing Plan?
Budget billing is designed to ease fluctuations in monthly bills. The Budget Billing Plan is not a discount program; it offers no savings or lower rates. The total annual cost for electricity and/or gas remains the same, but customers have the convenience of a more predictable bill each month. Participation in the program is free and offered to all customers.

How is a Budget Bill amount calculated?
If customers have an established MidAmerican Energy usage history, the cost of energy used for the previous 24 months is divided by 24. An average monthly cost is determined by multiplying that amount by a factor that takes into account projected electricity and gas prices.

A budget amount for customers who move into a home or business previously occupied by someone else is calculated based on the energy used by the previous occupant.

How often is a Budget Bill amount reviewed?
A budget bill amount can be reviewed every three months or every six months. Depending on the selected review option, a budget bill amount may change up to four times a year.

During the review process, we will recalculate your average monthly cost, take projected energy costs into consideration and factor in your budget balance – the difference between the amount billed and the cost of energy used.

Does Budget Billing Plan information appear on my monthly MidAmerican Energy bill?
Yes. The information allows customers to compare the budget bill amount with what would be due that month if the plan was not in effect.

Customers receive a message on their bill when the Budget Billing Plan is reviewed. If the budget bill amount is adjusted, the message indicates the new budget amount that will start with the next bill.

How do I enroll in the Budget Billing Plan and how do I receive a proposed Budget Bill amount for my account?
To enroll in Budget Billing, log in to My Account and select Start Budget Billing from the Billing & Payment menu. Follow the prompts to enroll online. A minimum of three months’ usage is needed to enroll online. Once enrolled, the Budget Billing Plan will be reviewed every three months or every six months. To enroll by phone, to have the difference at the end of a budget year applied to your bill, or to receive a proposed budget bill amount for a potential location, contact business advantage by email at, or call 800-329-6261. Specialists are available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., excluding holidays, to assist you.

What happens if I cancel my Budget Billing Plan or close my MidAmerican Energy account?
Your budget balance is the difference in the amount you were billed and your actual usage. When you cancel your Budget Billing Plan or close your MidAmerican Energy account, the budget balance is applied to your next or final bill. If you were billed more than you used, the budget balance is a credit and will reduce the amount due. If you were billed less than you used, the budget balance is a debit and will be added to the amount due.