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Automated Meter Reading


What is AMR and how does it work?
Automated meter reading, or AMR, is advanced technology that lets MidAmerican Energy Company obtain MidAmerican Energy meter readings simply by driving through a neighborhood. As a customer uses electricity or natural gas, a device in the meter records the usage. MidAmerican Energy uses vehicles equipped with radio transceivers to read transmitter-equipped gas and electric meters without physical access to the meter. As the MidAmerican Energy vehicle drives through a neighborhood, meter readings are sent by the transmitter to a receiver in the vehicle.

Does an AMR meter look different from traditional meters?
AMR electric meters have a digital display instead of traditional dials. For the majority of MidAmerican Energy’s customers, AMR gas meters still have traditional dials, but with transmitting devices installed.

Is AMR more efficient than traditional meter reading technology?
Yes. With AMR, fewer bills are estimated; therefore, customers receive more accurate bills. In addition, customers do not have to make access arrangements for meter reads.

Is my account secure?
Absolutely. Only meter readings and meter identification data are transmitted. AMR does not transmit personal customer information.

How do I know the equipment in the vehicle is reading my meter(s) and not someone else’s?
Each device has a unique identification number which is transmitted along with the meter reading. The unique identification number is compared to your account record to make sure they match.

I currently read my own meter(s) and call in the reading. Do I need to do that?
Monthly reads no longer need to be called in.

Once AMR is installed, will MidAmerican Energy ever need access to the meter?
Yes. MidAmerican Energy service personnel need access for compliance and service work on your meter, such as connecting or disconnecting service.