National Electrical Safety Code Clearance Issues in Illinois

During a circuit inspection required by the Illinois Commerce Commission, National Electrical Safety Code clearance issues were discovered at various properties receiving electric service provided by MidAmerican Energy Company.

MidAmerican Energy takes the safety of our customers and employees seriously and is concerned about potential safety issues identified during the inspection, some of which could lead to accidental contact with our electric facilities.

Customer Notification
Illinois customers who own property in need of electrical repairs will receive a letter from MidAmerican Energy. The letter will identify the potential safety issue and ask the property owner to schedule an appointment at their property with a MidAmerican Energy representative to discuss details about and options to correct the potential safety issue.

Customers who receive a notice but do not own the identified property should forward the notice to the property manager or owner as soon as possible.

All MidAmerican Energy employees and employees working for companies contracted by MidAmerican Energy carry company-issued photo identification. If a visitor or caller is unable or unwilling to provide their name or employee identification number, call MidAmerican Energy customer service at 888-427-5632 and report it to local law enforcement authorities.

Repair Costs
Customers are responsible for repairs associated with various portions of the service connection. MidAmerican Energy can provide a rough estimate associated with correcting potential safety issues; however, since issues vary, repair costs will vary as well.

To ensure changes or repairs can be safely made to your equipment, MidAmerican Energy will disconnect and reconnect service at no charge.

Making Repairs
In nearly all cases, the property owner will need to contact a qualified electrician to make repairs.

Repair Deadline
Property owners are responsible for providing a proper electrical service attachment point to which MidAmerican Energy can safely run an electrical service wire. In accordance with a plan approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission, if repairs are not made to identified properties by the date specified in the original notice, MidAmerican Energy is required to disconnect electric service.

To ensure safety, service that is discontinued for any reason – even if unrelated to the potential safety issue – will remain discontinued until all potential safety issues have been fixed.

Residential installations. MidAmerican Energy owns and is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the service line (1) and electric meter (2).

The property owner is responsible for the weatherhead (3), attachment hardware (4), mast/riser (5) and meter box (6). A licensed electrician should be hired to install and maintain these parts. MidAmerican Energy should be contacted for appropriate service locations.