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Outdoor Projects

Using Extension Cords

Keep cords in good condition.
Uncoil the cord and make sure it has no cracks or breaks. Make sure your tools are turned off before connecting them to an extension cord. When disconnecting the cord, pull the plug rather than the cord itself.

Match the cord to its use:
  • Use heavy-duty, three-prong extension cords for tools with three-prong plugs.
  • Never remove or bend back the third prong. It is a safety feature designed to reduce the risk of electrocution or shock.
  • When using outdoor tools and appliances, use extension cords labeled for outdoor use.
Use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters when working outdoors.
Any outdoor outlet must be weatherproof and have a GFCI to protect you from serious shock. If you run an extension cord from an indoor outlet to work at an outdoor location, choose an outlet that has GFCI protection.

When outdoors, use extension cords designed for outdoor use. Check carefully for breaks or cracks in the insulation or other signs of wear. Plug into GFCI outlets.