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Using Extension Cords

Uncoil and check your cord first.
Is any part of the cord frayed? If so, discard it. If the cord feels hot when in use or there is a softening of the plastic, the cord should be immediately discarded.

Use the cord in proper conditions:
  • Keep it away from moisture, heat and metal pipes, and never cover it with a rug or furniture.
  • To avoid a fire hazard, match the amperage or wattage limits marked on the cord and the appliance you will be using.
Use polarized plugs with polarized cords.
Polarized plugs have one blade wider than the other and should only be used with polarized extension cords so that the openings match the size of the plug blades. Never force a polarized plug into a non-polarized cord outlet or wall outlet, as this could lead to shock or fire.

Use only approved cords.
Use only extension cords that are approved by a recognized testing laboratory, such as Underwriters Laboratories.

Use an uncoiled, uncovered extension cord only as a temporary outlet.