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  • Call 811 or the one-call utility notification service.
    If you are planning to use directional drilling, call 811 or contact your local one-call utility notification service (see below) well ahead of the job and let them know about the equipment you will be using.
  • Dig potholes so you can visually monitor the drill head.
    A buried drill head makes it impossible to tell if you've struck a utility. This makes it even more important to keep a safe distance. Make sure the drill head remains a safe distance from the utility. Keep the hole open until the drill head has been pulled back and the drilling is over.
  • Calibrate the bore head and locating device at the beginning of each job.
    Remember, the locating device can monitor the bore head on the initial pass, but cannot monitor the backream head.

In Iowa, call 800-292-8989; in Illinois, 800-892-0123; in South Dakota, 800-781-7474; in Nebraska, 800-331-5666. Offices are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.