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Pool Safety

Watch out for power lines when cleaning:
  • Look above the pool area for power lines before you start cleaning.
  • While cleaning, keep the long metal pole of your pool broom or vacuum as low as possible and away from power lines.
  • Carry poles parallel to the ground.
Keep appliances far from pools and hot tubs.
If appliances fall into water or get wet, or if people who are wet try to operate them, someone could be shocked or killed.

Know the law about pool installations.
If you plan to install an outdoor pool, hot tub or spa, you must locate it a specified distance from overhead and underground power lines. Check with your local municipality regarding code requirements. Many municipalities also have regulations regarding installation of electric wiring for pumps, lighting and outlets. You must call 811 or the local one-call utility notification service (see below) before digging so underground utilities can be marked.

In Iowa, call 800-292-8989; in Illinois, 800-892-0123; in South Dakota, 800-781-7474; in Nebraska, 800-331-5666. Offices are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.