Home & Work Safety

Outdoor Projects

Painting and New Siding

  • Check the site first.
    Take a tour of your project to find out if power lines come near or are attached to the structure. Assume all lines are potentially dangerous.
  • Keep equipment away from power lines.
    To prevent yourself from accidentally hitting a power line, lower your ladder when you are moving it and carry ladders and paint rollers horizontally whenever possible. Be particularly careful on windy days, as a gust of wind can cause your ladder to shift and touch an overhead line. Fiberglass ladders are safer than metal or even wood ladders.
  • Follow the 10-foot rule.
    The 10-foot rule gives you a safety buffer zone to prevent power line contacts. Before adjusting or positioning your ladder, add your own height and the height of your paint roller to the height of the ladder and make sure the total height will stay at least 10 feet from any power lines.
When painting, learn where the power lines are located and keep yourself and your equipment at least 10 feet away from them.