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Indoor Projects

Installing Light Fixtures

  • Turn off the power first.
    Before installing any electrical fixture, such as a pendant lamp or a sconce, turn off the power at the main service panel. Plug a lamp or circuit tester into the circuit you will be working on to confirm the power is off. If you aren't sure your circuit can handle the new fixture, check with an electrician.
  • Use the right bulbs.
    Put bulbs with the correct wattage in your new light fixture. If the wattage is too high, it could overheat and cause a fire. Make sure bulbs are the correct shape and size for fixtures.
  • Faulty wiring is a fire waiting to happen.
    If an outlet or switch feels hot to the touch, it could mean the wiring is unsafe. Don't use the outlet, and call an electrician to check the wiring.
Make sure the power is turned off during any electrical installation. Match light bulb wattage to the wattage listed on your fixtures.