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Installing Gas Equipment

  • Turn off the gas first.
    When installing a gas fireplace or extra heater, or when connecting a gas range, dryer or water heater, you must first turn off the gas. If there is a valve on the pipe leading to the appliance, you can turn the gas off at the valve. Otherwise, you must turn it off at the main gas meter. If you cannot confidently turn off the gas, or if you anticipate problems with the installation, contact a qualified professional.
  • Use proper ventilation.
    Any gas-fueled heating device should be vented properly. Read and follow the manufacturer's instructions on all your gas equipment. Learn how to shut off appliances in an emergency.
  • Buy approved appliances.
    Look for a nationally recognized testing organization's label, such as Underwriters Laboratories, on gas appliances. And have natural gas equipment serviced and repaired by qualified professionals.
Turn off the gas before installing or disconnecting any gas appliance, and make sure your working area is well ventilated.