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Gas Safety

How Gas Gets to You

  • Natural gas deposits are found deep in the earth.
    When a natural gas deposit is located, a well is drilled to bring the gas to, or close to, the earth's surface where it is pumped to a processing plant. Natural gas travels from the processing plant through large underground pipelines.
  • A chemical odorant is added to the gas so you know if it is leaking.
    Mercaptan – which tends to smell like rotten eggs – is added to gas so people can smell when there is a gas leak. If you suspect a natural gas leak, all family members should get out of the house immediately, and you should call MidAmerican Energy at 800-595-5325.
  • Gas comes to you in underground pipes.
    One million miles of underground pipelines annually deliver natural gas to more than 160 million customers in the United States. These pipelines are designed, constructed, maintained and operated in accordance with Department of Transportation regulations.
Natural gas is extracted from deep wells and delivered to homes and businesses through underground pipes.