Home & Work Safety

Gas Safety

Family Safety

Tour your gas appliances:
  • Get the whole family together for a guided tour of your home's gas-burning appliances.
  • Teach small children to stay away from all gas-burning equipment.
  • Remind children to keep toys, books and games away from water heaters, furnaces and ranges and not to swing from gas pipes or play with flexible connector hoses.
Don't forget the gas meter.
The gas meter measures your home's gas consumption. The gas meter needs to be kept free of debris, snow, ice and obstructions at all times. Do not build permanent structures over or around the meter set. Notify MidAmerican Energy at 888-427-5632 if you:
  • Have ice build-up on the gas meter. This may cause a gas regulator (next to the meter) to malfunction and create a safety hazard.
  • Will be completing work that may require relocation of MidAmerican Energy's facilities, such as building additions, decks, garages, landscaping, etc.
Tell children what to do if they smell gas.
Instruct children to leave the house and call MidAmerican Energy at 800-595-5325 from another location a safe distance away if they smell a gas leak while you're out. Remind them not to use matches, turn lights on and off, use a flashlight, or use the phone or other electrical appliances, as a spark from any of these things could ignite the gas and cause it to explode.

Teach your family about the safe operation of your gas appliances, your gas meter and what children should do if they smell gas when home alone.