Home & Work Safety

Electrical Safety

Family Safety

Keep young children safe from serious electrical injury.
Teach children never to put fingers or objects into electric outlets or appliances. For small children, outlet covers are a good idea. Teach children to keep electrical appliances away from water.

Teach children these important outdoor safety tips:
  • Keep kites and balloons away from overhead power lines.
  • Keep metallic balloons indoors, as they are highly conductive.
  • Contact your local utility if a toy ever gets tangled in power lines or goes into an electric substation.
  • Climb trees only if they are far from power lines.
Stay away from electrical equipment.
Children should be taught the same rules as adults about avoiding power lines, transformers, substations and any electrical equipment. Learning to recognize "Warning: High Voltage" signs will keep children away from potential trouble.

Basic safety training for your children can avert dangerous electrical accidents in and around the home.