Customer/Supplier Responsibilities

When choosing an alternative retail electric retail supplier, consider how or where the electricity is produced, whether the supplier provides energy from renewable sources, overall price, and/or the best combination of price, services and incentives.

To serve MidAmerican Energy customers, an alternative retail electric supplier must be certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission and register with MidAmerican Energy as a retail supplier. Customer Responsibilities
The customer must provide authorization to the alternative retail electric supplier, including the customer's MidAmerican account number, before the switch can occur.

MidAmerican Energy cautions customers to treat personal, financial, utility account and meter information as confidential. Only provide such information when you have a clear understanding of how it will be used. If you have questions, call MidAmerican Energy at 888-427-5632. Download the retail electric supplier checklist.

Supplier Responsibilities
Before providing service, a supplier must disclose to a customer:
  • The supplier's rate and any additional charges the customer must pay, including early termination fees.
  • A statement indicating the electric service associated with an account number will be provided by the new supplier.
  • The length of the contract and any renewal clauses.
  • A statement that the customer may rescind the contract and pending enrollment within 10 days.
  • A statement that MidAmerican Energy remains responsible for the delivery of power and energy.
The new supplier must obtain verifiable authorization from the customer that includes:
  • The customer's name, service address and MidAmerican Energy account number;
  • The pricing, terms and conditions of the retail electric supplier’s offer to switch; and
  • A confirmation that the customer has chosen to switch to an alternative retail electric supplier.
If the customer chooses to switch, the new supplier will notify MidAmerican Energy. MidAmerican Energy will send the customer a confirmation of the switch, including the date on which service will begin with the new supplier. The switch date normally will be the next scheduled meter read date.