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Cogeneration and Small Power Production Facilities Rate

A qualifying facility is an electrical generating facility that meets certain energy efficiency or renewable energy requirements and has either submitted a self-certification of qualifying facility status to, or obtained certification of qualifying facility status from, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC.

There are two types of qualifying facilities: cogeneration facilities and small power production facilities. A cogeneration facility sequentially produces electricity and another form of useful thermal energy, such as heat or steam, used for industrial, commercial, residential, or institutional purposes and meets certain requirements for operation, efficiency and use of energy output. A small power production facility is a generating facility whose primary energy source is renewable such as wind, solar, hydro, biomass or waste, and that meets certain requirements as defined by FERC. Visit ferc.gov for additional information regarding qualifying facilities.

MidAmerican Energy offers a purchase rate for energy produced onto its electric distribution system from a qualifying facility, but will not assist customers in obtaining qualifying facility status. Visit ferc.gov for information regarding qualifying facility status.

Customers interested in the cogeneration and small power production facilities rate must complete the interconnection process as described on the customer generation page. For more information, review a listing of cogeneration and small power production facilities FAQs. For information regarding the purchase rate for qualifying facilities, visit:

Iowa's Qualifying Facility Tariff

Illinois' Qualifying Facility Tariff

South Dakota
South Dakota's Qualifying Facility Tariff

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