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To help homeowners hold down their energy bills, MidAmerican Energy offers the following energy-saving tips for the cooling season.

  1. ONLINE ENERGY AUDIT: Visit MidAmerican online and complete our home energy audit. You can compare your home energy use with similar homes in your area, and see where your home uses energy the most. You’ll also receive recommendations that can make your home more energy efficient.

  2. USE YOUR AIR CONDITIONER SPARINGLY: Instead of running the air conditioner out of habit, pay close attention to the weather and turn it off on cooler, less-humid days. Stay in cooler parts of the house, such as lower floors and rooms on the northern and tree-shaded sides of the home.

  3. BLOCK THE SUN: Shut out direct sunlight with shades or draperies. Place air conditioning units in shaded areas. Also, plant shade trees and shrubbery on the south and west sides of your home. As the plants grow, they will help shade your home.

  4. DIAL UP: Setting your thermostat a few degrees higher can make a big difference — reducing electrical usage 3 to 5 percent for each degree. A setting of 78 degrees will keep you comfortable when it is more than 90 degrees outside.

  5. UPGRADE THERMOSTAT: A programmable thermostat set to raise the temperature while you’re away or asleep can produce significant savings. Raise the setting 5 degrees or more when you’re away. For sleeping, set it 3 or 4 degrees higher than when you’re awake and active.

  6. CLEAN YOUR AIR CONDITIONER: Check filters monthly and clean or replace them. Wash outside air conditioning coils with mild soap and water to remove dust and dirt.

  7. CLEAR THE WAY INSIDE AND OUTSIDE: Make sure air can circulate freely in your home. Make sure registers are clean and clear of furniture or other obstructions. Keep your air conditioner unit clear of grass, weeds and shrubs to allow air to flow over its cooling coils. This will keep your air conditioner unit from working too hard.

  8. DRY OUT: Use exhaust fans to reduce humidity from showering or cooking, but remember to turn them off when you finish those activities. Set your refrigerator to the high humidity setting to improve its efficiency.

  9. USE FANS: Fans use less energy than air conditioners and can boost the comfort from an air conditioner, increasing its efficiency. A portable fan set several feet away from a window air conditioning unit can spread cool air into other rooms and down hallways. Ventilate your attic with a thermostatically controlled fan.

  10. WAIT UNTIL SUNDOWN: Plan to use heat-producing appliances, like clothes dryers and ovens, in the cool of the late evening or early morning.
MidAmerican offers residential customers Budget Billing to avoid monthly fluctuations in energy bills. This payment plan divides the estimated annual energy cost into equal monthly payments. To discuss Budget Billing or other payment arrangements, or to learn about a variety of energy efficiency programs the company offers, call MidAmerican at 888-427-5632.