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MidAmerican Energy Sends Additional Employees to Support Utilities

For more information, contact:
Tina Potthoff, Media Relations Manager, at 515-281-2585
Tim Grabinski, Director, Communication Planning, at 515-281-2343

DES MOINES, Iowa – (Oct. 30, 2012) – Today, MidAmerican Energy Company announced that it is doubling the number of employees that will assist with utility damage and power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy.

On Saturday, Oct. 27, a group of 116 people, which included 15 MidAmerican Energy employees, 50 contract lineworkers, and 51 contract tree clearance workers, departed Iowa and traveled to New York to provide assistance. The MidAmerican Energy team included 12 linemen, one supervisor, one safety employee, and one mechanic. The employees are based out of the Avoca, Council Bluffs, Fort Dodge, Red Oak, Sheldon, and Shenandoah, Iowa, service centers. The workers were dispatched to Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and are expected to provide emergency restoration service to areas between Poughkeepsie and Albany, N.Y., depending on the storm’s path.

The MidAmerican Energy crew leaving today consists of 12 linemen, one supervisor and one design technician. These employees are based out of the Des Moines, Council Bluffs, Iowa City, and Oskaloosa/Knoxville, Iowa, service centers. They also will be traveling to New York where they will receive further instructions regarding areas in need of utility restoration work.

The crews are expected to be gone for up to two weeks.

In addition to the 29 MidAmerican Energy employees, MidAmerican Energy has released more than 200 contract lineworkers and tree crew members to provide assistance to utility companies in the East.

“It is estimated that at least 20,000 utility workers will be needed to help the eastern portion of the U.S. recover from Hurricane Sandy,” said Joe Moore, vice president, electric delivery, MidAmerican Energy. “Additional MidAmerican Energy employees and contracted crews may be released based on need.”

MidAmerican Energy Company, Iowa’s largest energy company, provides electric service to 732,000 customers and natural gas service to 714,000 customers in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and South Dakota. It is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. Information about MidAmerican Energy is available on the company’s website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages, which can be accessed via www.midamericanenergy.com.