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PacifiCorp, a regulated utility based in Portland, Ore., serves 1.7 million customers across 136,000 square miles in six western states. The company comprises three business units that provide safe, reliable electricity to customers at a reasonable cost. Pacific Power serves customers in Oregon, Washington and California. Rocky Mountain Power serves customers in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. PacifiCorp Energy operates a broad portfolio of generating assets to ensure low-cost energy is available for customers.

Electrical Facilities
PacifiCorp has 13,853 megawatts of owned and contracted generation capacity. The company operates 75 generating facilities across the West, including thermal, hydroelectric, wind and geothermal facilities.

PacifiCorp has 62,930 miles of distribution line and approximately 16,200 miles of transmission line – more than any other single entity in the West. The company’s Energy Gateway Transmission Expansion Program could add up to 2,000 miles of new high-voltage transmission lines, addressing customer load growth; improving system reliability; easing grid constraints; providing access to diverse resource areas, including renewable resources; and improving the flow of electricity throughout its service area and the western U.S. In 2013, approximately 100 miles of new transmission will be placed in-service, and construction will begin on a 170-mile segment.

Renewable and Noncarbon Resources*
Renewable and other noncarbon resources currently make up more than 25 percent of PacifiCorp’s owned capacity. At year-end 2012, PacifiCorp had 1,031 megawatts of owned wind generation capacity and long-term power purchase agreements for 869 megawatts from wind projects owned by others.

PacifiCorp also is adding solar to its power supply mix. A 2-megawatt solar project in southern Oregon was completed in 2012. PacifiCorp plans to support prudent and least-cost renewable resources, including solar, through power purchase agreements, ownership, leasing, and by continuing to offer programs that help customers add their own installations.

*All or some of the renewable energy attributes associated with wind, biomass, geothermal and qualifying hydro facilities may be: (a) used to comply with renewable portfolio standards or other regulatory requirements, (b) sold to third parties in the form of renewable energy credits or other environemental commodities or (c) not acquired.

Environmental Initiatives
PacifiCorp is committed to operating within stringent environmental management systems and continues to pursue cost-effective renewable generating opportunities.

Through its voluntary Blue Sky program, PacifiCorp offers its customers the opportunity to support additional renewable energy and help fund smaller scale community renewable energy projects. Blue Sky has consistently ranked among the top five nationally for number of customers buying renewable power and for sales volume. As of Dec. 31, 2012, almost 88,000 customers were enrolled in Blue Sky.

Blue Sky is certified as Green-e Energy by The Center for Resource Solutions, a national nonprofit organization. One-third of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-designated Green Power Communities are located in PacifiCorp’s service area.