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MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company

(year-end 2012)
Operating Revenue: $11.5 billion
Total Assets: $52 billion
Customers (total electric and natural gas): 7.1 million
Electric: 6.4 million
Natural Gas: 0.7 million
Total Generation Capacity: More than 23,500 megawatts (owned and contracted)
Total Electricity Distributed: 117 billion kilowatt-hours
Total Natural Gas Supplied: 1.96 billion decatherms
Electricity Transmission and Distribution Lines: 178,000 miles
Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution Pipelines: 39,900 miles
Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Design Capacity: Approximately 7.7 billion cubic feet per day in-service
Total Employees: 16,000
Headquarters: 666 Grand Avenue, Suite 500
Des Moines, Iowa 50309-2580
Website: www.midamerican.com