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Sample Communication

Once a landlord agreement is established, MidAmerican Energy Company provides several types of communication to keep you up to date on the status of your properties. Here's what to expect.

If an email address is provided on your agreement application, a confirmation email outlining how to access your agreement online will be sent once the agreement has been established.

After a landlord agreement has been established, a summary statement outlining the details of your agreement will be sent as confirmation. The summary statement is available monthly, annually or with each change to your agreement.

You can view the current status of a property online. The property information section gives a snapshot of each property, including if service is in the tenant’s name, pending service orders and dates, the average bill and more.

If you choose, you will receive a notification of service activation when service is activated in the agreement name after a tenant requests to disconnect service.

If a tenant’s service is eligible for disconnection, a property subject to disconnection notice will be sent to you. This notification enables you to address the issue with your tenant or contact us to assume the service.