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Are you interested in spending less time on the phone dealing with rental property issues related to MidAmerican Energy Company's electric and gas services? Would you like to ensure that those services are left on between tenants to possibly avoid property damage and to have the ability to verify online whether a tenant has assumed or discontinued service with MidAmerican Energy? If yes, Landlord Advantage is for you.

Landlord Advantage is a specialized service for property owners who may be interested in or have an existing landlord agreement with MidAmerican Energy. These agreements:

  • Save time.
  • Offer a level of protection for your properties.
  • Can help manage your property.

If you choose not to establish a landlord agreement, but prefer to delegate certain rights to authorized parties concerning your MidAmerican Energy account(s)/services(s), MidAmerican Energy's customer authorization form offers this ability. Once completed and on file with MidAmerican Energy, the customer-authorized third party can receive account information or transact business with MidAmerican Energy on your behalf.

MidAmerican Energy also offers landlords the option to receive a copy of any notice of disconnect when one is sent to your tenant. Once the third-party notification form is signed by your tenant and on file with MidAmerican Energy, the notice of disconnect will be mailed to you at the same time it is mailed to your tenant.

Note: A notice of disconnect is not sent to a customer in Iowa, South Dakota or Nebraska when a payment agreement defaults due to non-payment. In that situation and if you have a landlord agreement, you will receive separate notification.