Illinois Proposed Electric Rate Case

MidAmerican Energy Company is proposing a base electric rate increase for Illinois customers for the first time since 1992. The most recent rate actions have been reductions, with a 13.3 percent rate reduction in 1996, resulting at least partially from merger savings, and an additional 1.7 percent reduction in 1998 for residential rates. If the requested rates go into effect, overall rates will be at roughly the same level as they were after MidAmerican Energy’s last rate increase in 1992.

Rates today in Illinois are below the national average among investor-owned utilities. Even with the proposed rate increase, customers would continue to benefit from one of the nation's lowest electric rates.

If approved, MidAmerican Energy anticipates that the Illinois Commerce Commission will issue its final order in November 2014. The proposed rate increase would take effect within 30 days of the final order issued by the Illinois Commerce Commission. The exact dollar amount of this increase will vary per customer, depending on a customer’s electric usage levels and type of customer (residential, commercial, industrial). When factoring all customer classes, the rate proposal averages out to a 16 percent annual base electric rate increase.

Information about existing rate schedules for Illinois can be accessed from the Overview page.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Will my budget billing amount increase because of the Illinois rate case?
    • Budget billing is designed to ease fluctuations in monthly bills. This program is one of MidAmerican Energy’s most popular with approximately 40 percent of Illinois customers participating. We are not adjusting budget billing amounts at this time for any anticipated rate increase in Illinois.

      A budget billing amount is typically reviewed every three months and can be reviewed every six months or annually at a customer’s request. During the review process, we will recalculate your average monthly cost by taking projected energy costs into consideration and factoring in your budget balance - the difference between the amount billed and the cost of energy used - to determine the appropriate monthly budget amount.
  2. How can I lower my bills?
    • There are a few things that impact the amount of your monthly bill; the quantity of energy used, and the price charged by MidAmerican Energy. We have a number of energy efficiency programs available to help you use less energy while maintaining the comfort level in your home or business. You also can lower your bill by implementing small measures like using CFL bulbs, turning off lights when you leave a room and using a programmable thermostat. MidAmerican Energy's top 10 energy saving tips offer a good starting point for your efficiency efforts.
  3. Why do you have energy efficiency programs? Don’t you want me to use more energy?
    • Energy efficiency programs help customers control their bills, improve the comfort of their homes and businesses, and help the environment by decreasing energy use.
  4. Why does MidAmerican Energy want to increase base rates?
    • The last time MidAmerican Energy increased electric base rates in Illinois was 1992. The company has reduced rates two times since that time – 13.3 percent in 1996 and an additional 1.7 percent in 1998 for residential rates. If the requested rates go into effect, overall rates will be back to the same level they were in 1992; rates will be approximately $0.073/kWh, if approved, compared to $0.075/kWh levels in 1992.
  5. What will the additional money be used for?
    • In Illinois, rate changes are based upon a representative level of current costs. MidAmerican Energy has experienced increases in costs associated with environmental compliance related to U.S. regulation and energy delivery, and has experienced more than 20 years of general cost escalation since the last increase in 1992.

      Since 1995, MidAmerican Energy has invested $289 million in Illinois – specifically $108 million in generation facilities; $170.4 million in transmission and distribution structures and stations; and $10.6 million in transmission and distribution operating and maintenance expenses. These investments and expenses were managed without increasing customers’ base electric rates.

      MidAmerican Energy remains committed to being a low-cost electricity provider, controlling expenses, and helping customers save money by using electricity efficiently.
  6. When will I see the increase on my bill?
    • If approved, MidAmerican Energy anticipates the Illinois Commerce Commission to issue its Final Order in November 2014. Rates will take effect within 30 days of the final order.
  7. As a MidAmerican Energy customer in Illinois, do I have the option to switch electricity providers?
    • Yes. Since 1999, Illinois electric customers have had the right to choose an alternative retail electric supplier – a supplier that sells electricity in a competitive market; however, MidAmerican Energy would continue to be the delivery mechanism for your service (wires and poles).

      Suppliers must certify with the Illinois Commerce Commission and must register with the utility company currently providing service to a specified area before customers can switch to another supplier. No alternative retail electric suppliers are currently registered in MidAmerican Energy’s service territory. Certified suppliers are listed on the Illinois Commerce Commission’s website.

      When choosing an alternative retail electric retail supplier, you will move from MidAmerican Energy’s electric supply to another supplier that sells electricity in the Illinois competitive market. MidAmerican Energy will continue to respond to your electric outages and other emergencies. MidAmerican Energy will bill you for delivering your electricity, including maintenance of the delivery system and meter readings. You will receive an additional bill from the supplier that will be for the electric supply only.
  8. I live in Iowa. Will I be seeing another rate increase when one was just proposed earlier this year?
    • No. The Illinois filing does not impact Iowa customers. On May 17, 2013, MidAmerican Energy filed an application with the Iowa Utilities Board for an Iowa electric base rate case.
  9. When I call customer service where does my call go?
    • Our call center is in Davenport, Iowa, and all general customer service calls go there. Our team is available 24/7, 365 days a year for emergency and non-emergency related questions. We also have electric and natural gas service professionals located across the state who can respond quickly to homes and businesses, if necessary.
  10. How do you plan for storms and bad weather?
    • Our crews are available around-the-clock and equipment to handle storm-related repairs is located across our service territory. Our control center plans maintenance and staffing to be as prepared as possible. MidAmerican Energy can call on our affiliate utilities from other parts of the country, and we have mutual aid relationships with non-affiliate utilities to ensure we can react if needed.
  11. What are you doing to help the environment?
    • We’ve worked hard over the past decade to invest in wind generation capacity, reduce emissions at our coal plants and help customers use energy more efficiently. In addition, we’ve helped communities plant more than 435,000 trees during the past 10 years.
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