Environmental Efforts

Renewable Energy
Midwestern U.S.
Wind Farms in the American Midwest
MidAmerican Energy Company, our Iowa-based utility subsidiary, is No. 1 in the nation in ownership of wind-powered electric generation among rate-regulated utilities.

Landowners who have utility-installed turbines on their land receive an annual per-turbine payment from the utility, which provides local agricultural-based economies with a new cash crop.

Prior to constructing a wind farm, MidAmerican assesses potential adverse environmental impacts of wind farm sitings.

Illinois Hydro and Landfill Gas
MidAmerican Energy owns and operates a three-megawatt run-of-the-river, hydroelectric facility in Moline, Ill. The company also has power purchase agreements with independent power producers operating landfill, waste-to-energy facilities, which generate electricity from methane gas, in Iowa and Illinois.

Iowa's Renewable Advantage
Beginning in early 2004, utility customers were given an opportunity to enroll in an innovative program called Renewable Advantage, which allows Iowa customers to make voluntary contributions toward the addition of renewable energy generation within the company’s service territory. Thanks to voluntary contributions from customers, the company constructed a .5 megawatt wind turbine on the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

Wind Energy Virtual Tour
You can learn how wind is used to produce electricity by taking a virtual tour of the process.