Environmental Efforts

Our Concerns
Water Quality
MidAmerican maintains its privilege to use local water resources by successfully meeting community water quality criteria and standards. Each MidAmerican subsidiary is responsible for properly managing water discharge and developing strategies to continuously improve performance.

Where opportunities exist, we work to restore local aquatic habitat and species. One example is jointly funding the Illinois Quad Cities fish hatchery that supports the breeding and reintroduction of walleye and hybrid striped bass in the Mississippi River.

Another example is voluntarily funding placement of a mile-long pipe to carry Missouri River water used by MidAmerican Energy's Neal 4 generating unit to adjacent Browns Lake and Snyders Bend, rather than returning it to the river. The diversion restores the lakes' historic water levels by raising the level approximately three feet and increasing the area under water.

PacifiCorp Energy operates hydropower projects in California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power also operate recreation areas within the hydroelectric system, providing the public with camping, fishing, boating and picnicking opportunities.

Respect for water resources extends to our hydropower operations, which use moving water to generate electricity. In the Philippines, CalEnergy's Casecnan Project also supplies water to adjacent agricultural lands, providing an important cash crop to the local community.

Hydroelectric Virtual Tour
Learn how hydropower plants take advantage of a naturally occurring, continuous process that involves the cycling of water through the environment, known as the hydrologic cycle, to convert the potential energy from flowing water into electrical energy by taking a virtual tour of the process.