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ENERGY STAR refrigerators use at least 15 percent less energy than currently available standard models, and ENERGY STAR freezers use at least 10 percent less energy than currently available standard models. If replacing an appliance built before 1993, significant energy savings will be realized because ENERGY STAR-qualified refrigerators and freezers require about half as much energy as models manufactured prior to 1993.

ENERGY STAR-qualified refrigerators provide energy savings without sacrificing wanted features; many models include automatic icemakers and through-the-door ice dispensers. Qualified models also are available with top, bottom and side-by-side freezers. ENERGY STAR-qualified freezer models include upright freezers with automatic defrost, upright and chest freezers with manual defrost and chest freezers with manual defrost.

Keeping an old refrigerator or freezer plugged in increases electric usage by at least the amount used by the new appliance. If energy savings is the goal, the appliance being replaced must be recycled to achieve savings. Have the old appliance removed when the new appliance is installed, even if it still is in good working order.


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