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For increased window air conditioner efficiency, be sure to clean its air filter monthly during summer months. A clean air filter helps create better air flow and cooler results. Also, prevent inefficiency due to overheating by regularly checking the condenser coil, located near the back of the unit, for dirt and/or dust.

When using a window air conditioner, add to its effectiveness by placing a regular fan where it will help distribute the cooler air. This also limits the tendency of the window unit to overwork.

Keep the area in front of the air conditioner clear of heat-producing appliances such as lamps or televisions. The unit senses these heat sources and will run harder and longer than necessary.

Air conditioners are more effective and last longer when installed in windows on a house’s north or east side – away from direct sunlight. When possible, provide additional shade with trees or shrubbery, being careful not to block the flow of air from the unit.

Winter Care for Your Window Unit

Whenever possible, air conditioning units should be removed from the window at the end of the season, cleaned and stored. If removing the unit is not practical, invest in a cover for the outside of the unit to provide protection from winter conditions and limit heat loss. Be sure to measure the window unit before shopping for covers, which are available at most hardware and home improvement stores.

If the unit stays in the window through the winter, reduce heat loss by installing a window insulation kit. Be careful not to tear the insulated material when stretching it over the front of the air conditioning unit.


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