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Clothes Washer
  1. Select the water level to match the load size, or wash only full loads. Add detergent under spray as washer is filling to best circulate the detergent.
  2. Follow detergent instructions carefully. Oversudsing actually hampers effective washing action and may require more energy in the form of extra rinses.
  3. Use short cycles for lightly soiled and delicate clothes.
  4. Always push the timer in before changing cycles. This prevents arcing of timer contacts and timer failure.
  5. Add fabric softener only during final rinse, and never directly on clothing. It can cause grease-like spots.
Clothers Dryer
  1. Clean the lint filter after every load.
  2. Dry clothes in consecutive loads. Letting the machine cool down between loads wastes energy.
  3. Ease ironing chores and conserve energy by removing clothes from the dryer as soon as possible after the cycle completes and before wrinkles have time to set. Clothes that are promptly folded or placed on hangers often need little or no ironing.
  4. Keep the outside exhaust vent of your clothes dryer clean. A clogged exhaust lengthens drying time.


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