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Variable Speed Drives Programarrows

MidAmerican Energy's Variable Speed Drives program offers our commercial and industrial customers in South Dakota rebates for the installation of energy-efficient variable-speed drive equipment.

When Should You Install a Variable-Speed Drive?
Commercial and industrial energy customers should consider installing variable-speed drive equipment if the motors are utilized for increased operating hours and have a higher variability of loads on the system (pumps, fans and blowers) or the application of use includes mechanical throttling (valves, dampers, etc.). Variable-speed drives match the speed of the motor-driven equipment to the process requirement. Applications with low variability of loads such as vibrating conveyors, punch presses, rock crushers, machine tools and other applications where the motor runs at constant speed are not eligible for a rebate. The variable-speed drive rebate is $40 per horsepower of the driven motor or 70 percent of the installed cost (reasonable labor and material). Cost of clean rooms to house variable-speed drives may be used in the total installed cost calculation.

Program Requirements
  • For use with fans, pumps or blowers
  • Minimum of 3,000 annual operating hours
  • Must be for new installations or failed variable-speed drives with bypass capability only; replacing a working VSD prior to failure with a new VSD is ineligible for rebates
  • Variable-speed drive must be controlling a system or process with a variable load
  • Process must be automatically controlled; manual controls do not qualify
Drives ineligible to receive a rebate from this program include:
  • Single-phase variable-speed drives
  • Installations where applicable code requires a variable-speed drive
  • Mechanical-type drives or gear boxes, Eddy Current drives or magnetic coupling, etc.
  • Installation of variable-speed drives for the sole purpose of soft starting
  • Variable-speed drives that are integral to chillers are not eligible for rebates separate from the chiller rebate
  • Variable-speed drives for spare inventory
  • Variable-speed drives in heating, ventilating and air conditioning where required by applicable code (ASHRAE 90.1-2010 or IECC 2012)
Consider These Benefits
Variable-speed drive improvements generally will:
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Improve plant efficiency and load factor
  • Ensure precise control of process flow and pressure
  • Reduce maintenance costs by reducing stress on the connected motor
For additional resources regarding pumping system improvements, visit A free guidebook on motors and variable-speed drives is available from the Consortium for Energy Efficiency at

Note: MidAmerican Energy also provides financial incentives to help customers implement energy-efficient equipment and systems that are not included in our prequalified equipment lists or addressed in other EnergyAdvantage programs. Cash incentives will be customized and are based on the qualifying equipment’s higher incremental cost, peak demand reduction, annual energy use reduction and annual energy cost savings. An application for the Custom Systems program must be received and preapproved by MidAmerican Energy prior to the customer’s purchase and installation of equipment or systems to be eligible for a rebate. MidAmerican Energy can provide technical assistance to expedite the rebate application process. View our Custom Systems guidelines for additional information.

Brochure and Application Form
Learn how adding flexibility to production processes can make a big difference in operational efficiency by reviewing a full brochure of our Variable-Speed Drives program. If you're planning a purchase of qualifying equipment or if you've recently purchased qualifying equipment, apply for a rebate by printing and completing our application form, which is included in the program brochure.

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