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MidAmerican Energy's Motors and Variable-Speed Drives program offers our commercial and industrial customers in South Dakota incentives for installation of energy-efficient motors and/or variable-speed drive equipment.

In general, NEMA Premium®-efficient motors are 2-8 percent more efficient than standard motors. Adding a variable-speed drive to a NEMA Premium-efficient motor in an appropriate application saves even more because the motor then consumes less energy when load requirements are less than full speed. Qualifying equipment is eligible for cash rebates.

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Updated Federal Standards
General-purpose motors have been built to efficiency standards by horsepower and type, open or closed, in the 1- to 200-horsepower range since the Energy Policy Act of 1992, which was enacted in 1997. In 2002, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association established standards for more efficient motors and branded the NEMA Premium designation. Signed into law Dec. 19, 2007, and in effect beginning Dec. 19, 2010, the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 establishes efficiency levels outlined in NEMA Standards Publication MG-1 (2006), Table 12-12, as the minimum efficiency standard for explosion-proof/severe-duty and 1- to 200-horsepower motors. Manufacturers are not allowed to produce or import 1- to 200-horsepower motors of less efficiency. MidAmerican Energy offers rebates for explosion-proof/severe-duty motors, as well as rebates for 437 motors identified by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency as having efficiencies at least one band greater than the current NEMA Premium efficiency level. Gaps in manufacturers' product offerings exist, primarily due to lack of commercial availability.

Brochure and Application Form
Learn how adding flexibility to production processes can make a big difference in operational efficiency by reviewing a program brochure of our Motors and Variable-Speed Drives program. If you're planning a purchase of qualifying equipment or if you've recently purchased qualifying equipment, apply for a rebate by printing and completing our application form, which is included in the program brochure.

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