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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Programarrows

Operating inefficient food storage, holding and cooking equipment can lead to significantly higher energy bills. Installing energy-efficient commercial kitchen equipment can:
  • Significantly reduce electric usage
  • Decrease monthly energy costs
  • Improve a kitchen's bottom line
Eligible Equipment
MidAmerican Energy's EnergyAdvantage® program encourages installation of high-efficiency commercial kitchen equipment for South Dakota customers. Energy for which the incentive is paid must be purchased from MidAmerican Energy. Rebates are available for these qualifying measures:
  • Ice makers
  • Solid and glass door refrigerators
  • Natural gas conveyor and convection ovens
  • Natural gas steam cookers
  • Natural gas fryers
  • Solid door freezers
  • Hot food holding cabinets
A complete list of qualifying equipment and additional information on energy-efficient equipment for commercial kitchens can be found at and

Brochure and Application Form
Learn how to invest in the energy efficiency of your business by reviewing a program brochure of our Commercial Kitchen Equipment program. If you're planning a purchase of qualifying equipment such as replacement units, retrofits or for new construction, or to view program guidelines, print and complete our application form, which is included in the program brochure.

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