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Custom Systemsarrows

Make Your Business More Energy Efficient
The Custom Systems program is designed to encourage MidAmerican Energy's nonresidential customers to purchase and install high-efficiency building systems equipment in existing buildings, focusing primarily on large space heating and cooling systems and control systems not included in our prequalified equipment lists or not addressed in other EnergyAdvantage® programs.

Here's How the Program Works
Once you have identified an energy-efficient project or measure you want to install, submit your proposal to MidAmerican Energy for preapproval. Applications must be completed before purchasing new high-efficiency equipment or systems. Only preapproved measures qualify for rebates. The rebate level will be customized based upon the equipment's incremental cost compared to the cost of similar standard or code-based equipment, estimated peak demand and annual energy use reductions and estimated annual energy cost savings. Call the number listed below for advice and assistance on getting started. Or, if you prefer, we will work with you to plan energy efficiency measures that meet your individual needs for remodeling or expansion.

Measures That May Qualify
The equipment must be installed in new or existing facilities located in South Dakota by customers who purchase their electric or natural gas energy supply directly from MidAmerican Energy. Examples of energy-efficient equipment that may qualify for rebates include:
  • Boilers over 2.5 million Btu input capacity
  • Ground-source heat pump systems 135 million Btuh or greater
  • Process boiler, chiller and refrigeration improvements
  • Energy management systems
  • Direct-fired heating systems
  • Thermal energy storage
  • Variable air volume conversions
  • Waste-recovery systems
There are numerous projects not listed above that also may qualify.

Brochure and Application Form
If you are planning a custom project, print and complete our preapproval application form to determine if your project will qualify for a rebate, and, if so, the potential amount of the rebate. Learn more about the Custom Systems program by viewing the program brochure. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your hard drive to view PDF files. Download a free copy by visiting the Adobe Download Site.

Call our representatives at 800-318-8915.

Download the Custom Systems Rebate Self-Verification Form


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