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Note: We are in the process of updating the Illinois website with 2013 brochures, text and forms. Our 2013 programs are similar to the programs offered in 2012 with the following exceptions: MidAmerican Energy will no longer be able to offer rebates on residential natural gas furnaces, boilers, ground-source heat pumps, water heaters, programmable thermostats and window air conditioners; the Residential New Construction program will no longer be offered in Illinois.

Since Illinois became the first state in the country to adopt the 2012 International Energy Conservation Codes as its mandatory statewide building energy code, some components within programs have been altered. Insulation and some measures in nonresidential HVAC are affected by the adoption of the 2012 IECC.

It is anticipated that all website updates will be completed by Jan. 10, 2013.

EnergyAdvantage® New Homes Program
MidAmerican Energy works with home builders who build homes adhering to EnergyAdvantage┬« and/or ENERGY STAR® specifications. We're helping our Illinois customers recognize and realize the outstanding long-term value inherent in energy-efficient new homes. The program is available to new single-family home construction and incentives are offered to home builders for constructing Illinois homes with greater energy efficiency.

ENERGY STAR-Labeled Homes
ENERGY STAR requirements allow a builder to customize a home to account for unique features of a particular home design. Refer to for more information on ENERGY STAR homes.

Homeowner Benefits
With energy-efficient construction, a house must meet strict energy-efficient guidelines, the benefits of which last for years. Added advantages of an energy-efficient home include:
  • Improved and affordable comfort
  • Improved indoor air quality and temperature consistency
  • Strong position for high resale value
  • Prevent pollution while saving money on future utility bills
  • Projected positive net monthly cash flow
Here's How it Works
MidAmerican Energy works directly with home builders adhering to program specifications. The builder must upgrade the home's heating and cooling system, insulation level, windows, doors, lighting and appliances according to MidAmerican Energy's standards. Builders wishing to customize the efficiency of an individual home may contact a RESNET-certified rater to more thoroughly examine efficiency options.

Getting Started
Learn how to invest in the energy efficiency of your home by reviewing a full brochure of our EnergyAdvantage New Homes program.

Print our specifications sheet if you're an Illinois home builder and want to participate in the EnergyAdvantage New Homes program. The New Homes Program Field Verification form must be printed and sent to the address listed on the form; it cannot be electronically sent.

You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your hard drive to view PDF files. Download a free copy by visiting the Adobe Download Site.

Call 800-894-9599 to learn about MidAmerican Energy's EnergyAdvantage New Homes program.


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ENERGY STAR refrigerators use at least 15 percent less energy than currently available standard models, and ENERGY STAR freezers use at least 10 percent less energy than currently available standard models. Learn More