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An ENERGY STAR-qualified clothes washer saves energy through superior design and system features. They use 50 percent less energy than standard washers, primarily by saving water-heating and dryer energy. ENERGY STAR-qualified washers:
  • Use 18 to 25 gallons of water per load compared to 40 gallons per load with a standard washer, which saves on water-heating costs.
  • Extract more water from clothes with a faster spin cycle than a standard washer, which reduces drying time.
Saving water with an ENERGY STAR-qualified washer offers environmental and money-saving benefits:
  • Saving water helps protect the water supply.
  • Lower water usage reduces water and sewer bills. Savings vary depending on water and sewer rates.
  • If a well and septic system is used, reduced water usage saves electricity to power the well pump, and reduced water flow into the septic system provides benefits.
ENERGY STAR does not label clothes dryers because most dryers use similar amounts of energy.


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