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About the Combustion-Fueled Process
Combustion turbines convert fuel – either natural gas or fuel oil – to mechanical energy to generate the electricity we depend on everyday. Through use of an oxidation catalyst unit within the heat-recovery steam generator and a selective catalytic reduction unit, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions are removed from gases that are returned to the atmosphere.

About the Virtual Tour
Start your tour by selecting any of the numbered icons to view specific operations and examine each phase at your own pace. Select Grand Tour to view the phases of energy production from start to finish.

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Follow the entire process as fuel and hot exhaust gases are converted into the electricity we depend on everyday. Learn how oil and gas are formed. See how oil and gas are removed from the earth and transported to a treatment plant. Learn how a combined-cycle power plant uses the energy from fuel to create electricity. Follow the process in the first cycle to see how compressed air and heat generate electricity. Continue the process as hot exhaust from the first cycle is used to generate additional electricity. Learn how emissions are controlled.